IT Relationship Engagement Model

EngagementModelGlacier’s IT Relationship Engagement Model is the foundation for our Relationship Management Program. Unlike the technical and detailed oriented environment IT staffers usually thrive in, Relationship Management relies more on non-technical skills and a different mindset. Our structured approach engages your business stakeholders and collaboratively finds opportunities for quick successes thereby demonstrating competency, building credibility and trust.  

The IT Relationship Engagement Model guides your staff to:

  • Build credibility and trust so internal customers come to you first and early for advice
  • Demonstrate competency to your business associates
  • Find weaknesses in your processes which impede productivity
  • Manage expectations across the business
  • Seek out and exploit opportunities for the business and IT

Identify and develop internal Relationship Management talent beyond making initial inroads with your business stakeholders, the IT Relationship Engagement Model shows you how to sustain and nurture those relationships making your team a highly sought after resource and first choice for all things technical.