Relationship Management

As IT continues to become more complex, and as companies continue to reduce costs by centralizing IT services,  the Relationship Manager role becomes more critical in managing the IT services provided.

Gartner says “…we believe that without a strong relationship management function, 80% of service-based organizations will fail to meet their objectives. In the absence of competent relationship managers, the IT organization is forced to guess about the users’ true needs, and is generally relegated to a largely tactical role.”

Glacier’s Relationship Management Program has been utilized by major pharmaceutical companies and has increasingly enabled IT to participate as equal partners with Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Clinical Operations, Sales and Marketing and other business groups. Through our unique Relationship Management Program, you will engage with stakeholders to:

  • Create short and long range IT-Business strategies aligned to company objectives.
  • Manage IT demand to gain more control of the IT work schedule while improving project and service delivery.
  • Successfully leverage existing technologies across your business.
  • Reduce support resources for routine issues while efficiently handling exceptions and raising internal customer satisfaction levels.  

Engagement Model A key element of the program is the IT Relationship Engagement  Model. This seven step approach lays the foundation for strategic partnerships with your business and functional counterparts, establishing you as a preferred technology partner and valuable enabler for success.

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