Glacier Interactive Solutions believes sound governance is a key determinant in the adoption and sustainability of IT solutions.  Clearly, stakeholders, users and support teams need instruction on how to use the product or service, but are there proper controls in place? Is there a well defined change management process? What are the service level agreements (SLAs)?  When unforeseen situations arise, what procedures are followed?  Is there an escalation process?  Glacier ensures these and all other aspects of the service are well defined before launch.Glacier Solutions Delivery Governance

Our approach involves a three part strategy to governance:

  • Project Governance required to run the project for the duration of the project cycle
  • System Governance provides processes and rules throughout the system lifecycle
  • Service Management Governance, based on ITIL principles, provides all necessary support and manitenace for the service

Our three part approach to governance assures you of comprehensive policies,  procedures and accountabilities throughout the life of the solution or service.  Well designed governance will lead you through implementation, but more importantly lays the foundation for long-term sustainability and growth.

Finally, good governance can’t just exist on paper, but needs to be disseminated and embraced as the standard way to work.

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