Our Value

Glacier’s Solution Delivery Methodology is designed to:

  • Accelerate solution delivery by utilizing our expertise to proactively resolve issues and minimize rework
  • Deliver business solutions inclusive of stakeholder input and meeting all stakeholder expectations
  • Increase the adoption rate and utilization of implemented solutions leading to a faster ROI
  • Ensure long term sustainability through carefully crafted governance and flexible design
  • Enhance team member skills with proven methodologies and demonstrated best practices

Our collaborative engagement process empowers stakeholders to create solutions that enhance business processes and are attuned to the organizational culture.   Using this approach, stakeholders become vested in the solution and in its success.

Glacier’s inclusive approach also extends throughout IT, ensuring back end, application and support teams are fully prepared to onboard new service offerings prior to launch.  Further, with clearly delineated processes, procedures and accountabilities, these offerings are highly adaptive to organizational changes and changing business needs.